Staff Pictures and Bios

We are proud of the skill and commitment of our staff. Our key staff members have all been with us for many years and are seasoned and skilled engineers

  • Fred Weinstein

    Fred Weinstein, P. Eng.

    Fred is our hydronics guru. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from McGill and a Masters from the University of Birmingham. Fred spent many years working on international engineering projects including the port of Nava Sheva in India and has consulted extensively for the Asian Development Bank. Since founding WTA in 1987, he has concentrated on domestic projects. In the early 90’s, he adapted campus-style designs to create the PST system, also called ‘injection’ by many,  which is now widely used in the industry.

  • Andy Taylor

    Andy Taylor

    Andy is a project manager with over 30 years experience in the fields of development and renovations. He founded a development firm in the early 80’s and joined Fred to form WTA in 1987, combining Fred’s engineering experience with Andy’s construction management expertise. Andy is primarily responsible for client relations as well as the overall coordination and scheduling of work.  He is also the contract administration resource in the office and has authored many of the articles available for download on our website.

  • Charles Martin

    Charles Martin, P. Eng.

    Charles has been with WTA since 2004. He is a graduate engineer with a degree from the University of Toronto. Charles is an ASHRAE and IEEE member. He is a talented mechanical engineer with additional expertise in electrical and HVAC digital controls. Although his background is primarily in multi-res mechanical and electrical systems, we recently loaned him to Howe India to work on some coal transportation issues.

  • Roman Zafka

    Roman Zafka, P. Eng.

    Roman has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree from Ryerson University. He has been with WTA since 2000. Roman is completely competent in all aspects of building mechanical systems. Roman developed an expertise in the design of air-cooled chiller plants with remote condensers – a cooling system that operates without the need for and expense of water and chemicals. He has designed such systems for a hospital and half a dozen high-rise condominiums.

  • Cigdem (Cheetham) Cetin

    Cigdem (Cheetham) Cetin, M. Eng.

    Cigdem has a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Ryerson University. One of her achievements has been the design of a radiant cooling system for a hospital. The system is not only extraordinarily energy-efficient, but it does not re-circulate any air within the building. This goes a long way towards reducing the transmission of germs from room to room. This was also our first use of a Smardt chiller with remote condensers.

  • Caitlin Hogan

    Caitlin Hogan

    Caitlin is our multi-talented office manager. She has been a bookkeeper, a paralegal, a TV series storey editor, and an operation manager in the film industry. At WTA, Caitlin is responsible for keeping the books, invoicing, editing reports, and generally keeping the office running smoothly.