Tips & Articles

The following articles are available for download. Please feel free to copy and distribute any articles you feel are useful. We only ask that

  • a) reproduction is for non-commercial use only and
  • b) the reference to our company name is retained. 

These articles are generally aimed at providing useful information to building owners and property managers.


Project Management for Property Managers. 


This article provides an overview of the management of a project. It covers topics such as tendering, insurance, contracts, bonding, and close-out procedures.


How to Replace Your Boiler Plant Without Getting Into Hot Water.


This is a primer on how to avoid the major pitfalls when replacing a boiler plant and includes such information as classes of boilers, temperature control methods, controls, etc.


Condensing Boilers - Fact and Fiction.


This is an article originally written for Enbridge Gas. These high-efficiency boilers can be 10% more efficient that the most efficient conventional boilers, but are often misapplied.  The article goes through the myths about condensing boilers, describes the types of condensing boilers and their application.


We also send out occasional fliers that are available for download. They contain industry news, energy management tips and other items that we think may be of interest to property managers.

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